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Every American has an important right to dream a big dream and start a small business. That’s called economic liberty. The Institute for Justice Clinic on Entrepreneurship at the University of Chicago Law School advocates for economic liberty, so that entrepreneurs from Chicago’s inner city can chart their own courses in life, build up neighborhoods, and create jobs.  We provide free legal assistance, access to resources, and advocacy for entrepreneurs in the Chicago area.


Street Vendors Justice Coalition

Join the conversation about legalizing food carts. Learn more about Chicago's current laws for street vending and how we hope to change them. (Read more)

The mission of the Street Vendors Justice Coalition is to create jobs, empower individuals, connect communities, and welcome fresh flavors into Chicago.  The coalition will open Chicago’s sidewalks for food vendors by advocating for policy changes, organizing grassroots support, and connecting vendors to resources.


Read Our Study on Barriers to Entry for Chicago Entrepreneurs

Want to create a job in Chicago? It is not that easy. This report by the IJ Clinic documents how government regulations can keep entrepreneurs from doing what they do best—creating jobs and building our communities!

 (Read more)




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